The Console Wars – Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. Wii U

Xbox 360 vs Wii vs PS3 – Which Stands Out?

Sony playstation 3

Today’s gaming industry has evolved to a higher level with all the advanced technology, playing video games has never been better. We all know of the popular games consoles and when you ask one he would say Xbox 360 then another would say Wii and the next would be PS3. Which of them stands out?

Well, here are some tips for you to choose the best. First of all, comparing their technical specifications will be a great help in determining if the game console can withstand or last for a long time. Knowing so will also help you avoid things that must not be done or touched in the game console to avoid user errors. If you are not familiar with the terms then ask someone to explain it to you in that case you will be an informed consumer. So you know what you are paying for.

Next, would be testing the performance. You cannot tell the total performance of a game console just by reading its technical specifications. You must also try it out and for sure they allow this in retail stores. Check if you are in tune with the controls, if you like the way things are setup, graphics, speed and the like.

After doing so check out what services they have to offer. Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 offers online services for the users to be able to download additional content and make use of other features such as multiplayer gaming online. Some of the downloadable content may require a fee. These online services are also used to provide the users with software updates and news. Check them out to see if it is what you need or what you prefer and will it make your gaming experience better.

Check out the games that comes out for a corresponding game console. Test one out or several of them, if you can’t there are video reviews online where a sample gameplay is recorded. Though, the quality is not that good so you might not be able to tell if the graphics or animation is great. Testing out the controls is very important because mainly this is what you will be using when playing. Check to see if the control is in harmony with the characters’ or objects’ movements. Because for some, if these are not in tune, it will just ruin the entire game, it is just like watching a movie where in the person’s lips is moving but the audio is not matching.

You might ask about the price, well of course, that is already automatic because as consumers our first question is how much. But today it is not all about the price, it is what comes with it. It may be cheap but it does not have what you need so you will end up buying another product with a higher price because it is what you need. Xbox 360 vs Wii vs PS3 is really a tough fight and you can only answer the question which stands out. Once you have gone through all the necessary inspection and testing that is the time you will be able to to know which stands out.